Bye-Bye Yahoo! Mail Beta

I switched my Yahoo! mail interface to the classic one. I would rather give up Yahoo! services and switch to Google, but why?

  • The auto-refresh by AJAX is only useful for knowing about new emails. When my Yahoo! messenger does the same, why should I risk browser crashes cause of the JS overload?
  • look at the way Yahoo! mail beta advertises, and the way Gmail does. You see very apparent differences. Yahoo’s way is far too annoying.
  • The view pane in Yahoo! mail is too small. So is the messages pane. Opening in a new tab is cool, but isn’t the classic method better then?
  • On a poor connection, JS loading takes way too long. The dancing geek animation is not interesting enough to make it fair.
  • For security reasons, Yahoo! login expires very often. So if you have a browser tab for your Y! mail open, it is no good. You should switch to it once in a while, re-login, and then go back to work. I think the point in showing unread messages in title of the page was to “make checking new emails in multi-tabbed browsers easier”. With this login timeouts, this goal is not achieved.

As a matter of fact, Yahoo! mail beta is defeated with its own messenger, while Gmail is promoted with G-Talk. While working with Gmail, you really enjoy it as a reliable real time communication method. Just look how it has handled threads, ads, live talks, offlines (which are delivered as emails when you are not available on G-Talk), spread sheets and many more features.

I should add that the only reason I still use Yahoo! mail is their messenger. Nothing more. Google is much much better in many ways.