Smartwatches: To Get or Not To Get?

The questions of getting a smartwatch is slowly getting to minds of people who are not exactly the geeky type. Having used 3 different types since last December, I thought maybe I should narrate my opinion and share my “wish list” for the devices that will come. Summary of My Inventory   LG G2 Garmin […]

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Blinds controller using AllJoyn, Arduino, Linino

Arduino board, motor shield, DC motor and powers used for the board and motor. This is very simple.

Long ago I had thought about having blinds that would open in the morning to let sun in and close at night to block the outside spotlights. It would also be nice if the blind behind behind my TV would close when I started watching a movie. Since there is not much necessary need for it, […]

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Google’s Commitment Issues, Miracast, and Android Fragmentation

I bought a recently released HP 7 Plus tablet, a very nice device with bare minimums and a decent price tag ($100). But it still is on Android Jelly Bean. What it means is some (popular) apps, such as Instagram, no longer support it. It makes some sense, as it is not the latest flavor […]

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