Censoring Iranians: different intentions, same results

As I had noted before, average internet user in Iran faces a good amount of censorship. Some of it comes from internal agencies in Iran who”judge” what is appropriate and what is inappropriate  for Iranians. And sometimes it is the websites and companies deciding that Iranians should not have the privilege of accessing certain information of software.

My screenshot in 2006: Google Code was blocked to Iranians.

My screenshot in 2006: Google Code was blocked for Iranians.

But while some progress has been made in allowing the flow of software and content to Iran, some “families of victims of terrorism” are trying to seize the whole .ir top domain along with all of its IP addresses. I find it very incomprehensible and counter intuitive. Internet has been a great bridge between cultures, targeting the same misunderstandings that allow terrorist extremist groups such as Al-Qaeda, ISIL, and Taliban to exist. By attacking the internet infrastructure in Iran (or any other country) only the extremists win.

It is also personally frustrating to me, as even a website as unrelated and non-political as this homepage is going to be affected.