firefox crashes, too often

Just to quickly say: at this very moment FireFox sucks!

It dies when a page has too many elements, like Wikipedia pages. Also, it does not like more than 1 or 2 YouTube videos in one page. It simply crashes, even in safe mode with no plug-in running. Sometimes it does not crash, but it sort of “stalls” while loading a tab, and you cannot click a link or change tabs with mouse. Honestly I am using Internet Explorer more and more each day. It works fine on all those pages and in same conditions.

Update: I did the following:

  • un-installed Firefox
  • removed any folder remaining from it
  • restarted my laptop and
  • then installed Firefox again

The first page I visited: and guess what? It crashed! It used to crash on the same page before too. Internet Explorer works fine in that page, and I am using IE for all my surfing now.

Update2: Pooya just directed me to the right IRC [ #firefox], where we figured out what was the problem: a font! Yes, one font named Xerxes [see it here]  could not render CTRL+L character correctly. So, I removed the font and all the pain was gone. I posted it here as a comment to a bug report in 2006. Thanks Pooya!

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