Blinds controller using AllJoyn, Arduino, Linino

Arduino board, motor shield, DC motor and powers used for the board and motor. This is very simple.

Long ago I had thought about having blinds that would open in the morning to let sun in and close at night to block the outside spotlights. It would also be nice if the blind behind behind my TV would close when I started watching a movie. Since there is not much necessary need for it, […]

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Home eNB: Great Oppotunity for 3GPP LTE

In the recent years more and more wireless providers have started to provide femtocells to their customers. The customer can deploy the femtocell in any location that the coverage of normal towers are weak or absent.  Consider a product like Samsung’s Ubicell. The user can plug this femtocell in their home internet switch, and use […]

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